Nokia Lumia 1020-VS-Lumia-920-Back

Microsoft recently announced its intentions to acquire Nokia's Devices division. That means, eventually, smartphones won't necessarily be branded with Nokia's name on them. Instead, that will be reserved for feature phones and Asha devices. Even still, Nokia's executive vice president of sales and marketing Chris Weber promises that great stuff is still coming and that the confirmation of the sale won't come until sometime in 2014. We can still expect new Nokia-branded devices until then, Weber says.

"I can promise you, we have some fantastic stuff in the pipeline," he told Nokia's own blog Conversations. Speaking toward the future, Weber said he expects the same type of quality that consumers expect from Nokia. "[Microsoft respects] and admires our expertise, quality and skill," for creating Nokia devices, Weber explained. "Microsoft knows as well as we do that there's absolutely no point in producing second-rate phones: be the best, or get out."

Weber said, as of now, nothing has changed. Consumers can still expect the same support and for Nokia to continue making "great devices, apps and software updates." One of those devices coming? We assume it's the 1080p display-packing Lumia 1520 Bandit. Weber added that the acquisition will provide additional investment in the Windows phone ecosystem and that it should help get better products to the market faster.