Nokia Fake Pureview

Remember the Lumia 920 video that surfaced shortly after Nokia announced the device? It didn’t portray the capabilities of the phone’s PureView camera appropriately; in fact, it was so bad that most pundits thought it would mislead consumers into thinking the device had a much better camera than it does. Now, Nokia’s own internal executives are investigating how the mishap happened in the first place.

See, it turns out that Nokia’s demo of the video, which appeared to have been shot with a Lumia 920, was actually shot with a standard video camera and not the HD cam on the back of the new Windows Phone 8 smartphone. Worse, the photos within the actual clip weren’t even taken with the phone’s camera 8.7-megapixel sensor. The Verge first noticed the error when they spotted a reflecting in the marketing clip that clearly showed a van with a legitimate video camera and set lighting recording to scene. Nokia has replied with an apology for the “confusion but, in an interview with Bloomberg, Nokia spokesperson Susan Sheehan said that the company’s internal ethics and compliance officer will investigate the video to “understand what happened.”

“What we understand to date is that it was nobody’s intention to mislead, but there was poor judgment in the decision not to use a disclaimer,” Sheehan said. Nokia, for its part, stands by the case that it never claimed the video was shot with the Lumia 910. That claim is a bit fishy to us, since the whole point of the commercial was to show how great the camera is.

[via CNET, Bloomberg]