Microsoft - Live Event - Windows 8 Tablet - 010

I guess if you really want to skimp on in-game purchases through Windows 8 you can. But video game piracy truly is stupid, so let's hope this gaping hole discovered by a Nokia engineer gets patched, and quick.

According to Justin Angel, who used Soulcraft for Windows 8 as an example, parts of the game can be edited in order to bypass the process of in-app purchases altogether. It's a complex process, one that the average user would have an aneurism over, but it exists and Angel's notes have been published onto the Internet.

Angel further highlights the issue by explaining that people with knowledge can do things like modify trial apps for a full license, and remove in-app ads. Basically, if developers are charging for extras in a Windows 8 game, there's a way around it with a little effort.

Microsoft has yet to respond to the problem, but we'd guess swift action will be taken to keep the company's developer base happy.