If I never see another wire again it’ll be too soon. Wires are messy, dirty and they can easily be lost. I’ve gone through too many phone chargers to count. That’s why wireless charging fills me with such joy. I can plop my device right onto a charging plate and that’s it. No untangling cables or moving wires out of my way. So I am very fond of the new Nokia-branded charging plate, which Microsoft is currently offering for $59.99 in white, green and orange.

It works like so: put device in hand, place on pad, charge. But it’s much more than that. When you pair a Qi-compatible Lumia device to the Nokia DT-903 through Bluetooth Low Energy, you’ll get some neat features that make the experience slightly smarter than your average charging plate. For one, if the plate senses your low-battery device is near, it’ll emit a helpful underglow, reminding you that you should probably juice up.

The light also conveniently lets you know when notifications come streaming in. When your Lumia device is paired with the DT-903, notifications for things like missed calls and messages will cause the plate’s light to pulse. This is a nice touch because it means you don’t have to constantly stare at your phone thinking you may or may not have gotten a notification. The light will pop up when you do, allowing you to focus on other things.

You can easily control how bright the light is—the max bright is bright, especially in a dark room. It gives off a mesmerizing glow, but I can already imagine how annoying that would be when you’re trying to sleep. Luckily Lumia phones get more control over when the light shines, and for what notifications. In Windows Phone’s device hub you can turn on a kind of do not disturb option, and also set what notifications make the DT-903’s light pulse.

Microsoft says the DT-903 is compatible with any phone that support Qi wireless charging, including the Nexus 6, Nexus 5 and Moto 360. The only downside is you won’t get those handy notification pulses, which means the DT-903 is just a plain old charging pad for non-Lumia phones. Boo, but it still does look pretty nice with a Nexus 5 on top. Lumia devices supported by the DT-903 include the Icon, 720, 810, 1520 and 920, among others.

Charger input voltage is at 5 V DC, and can easily be used while plugged in to your laptop via USB. Is wireless charging the future of mobile? Hard to say with some phones no adopting Quick Charge 2.0. But there’s no denying how cool wireless charging looks. Check out the video above to see the DT-903 in action.