nokia-mapsSince Amazon isn't part of the Open Handset Alliance, the company is free to do with Android whatever it pleases — that's why its variation looks so different from other handsets and tablets out there today. But as a result, there are no Google services tied to the popular tab, which means other services are free to step in for replacement applications, such as Nokia's beautiful mapping service.

The Lumia-maker confirmed on Monday that it is indeed providing its mapping prowess for the cheapo lineup of Kindle Fires, which has been suspected at for a few weeks. Amazon hasn't said a word about licensing the Nokia Location Platform — Yahoo! and Microsoft are already on board — but at this point it doesn't make much difference.

When you — if you haven't already — get a Kindle Fire or Fire HD, bask in the wondrous cartography skills of Nokia — the experience is top notch. Google has long been the defacto mapping service, but competitors like Nokia and Apple obviously want that to change. Bravo to Nokia for partnering with a company that'll likely sling quite a few tablets this holiday season.

[via Engadget]