At least one report recently said that Nokia is working "full steam ahead" on an Android smartphone named Normandy. Yes, we admit it seems bizarre since Microsoft, which makes Windows Phone, is acquiring Nokia's devices and services business. In any case, if Nokia is indeed moving forward on Normandy, then an increase in leaks makes sense.

Today, we're greeted with a new shot of the alleged smartphone, thanks to @evleaks. While we originally only saw the device in red, it looks like Nokia is going to follow its current trend of releasing devices in multiple colors. We can see black, white, red, yellow, cyan and awesome mint green options are in the works. Unfortunately, we don't know when this handset will ever see the light of day.

We would love to see Nokia's hardware on an Android handset. Seriously. But it's also very possible Microsoft will scrap the project, if it hasn't already, in favor of continuing its big Windows Phone push. So, in one case, we might be looking at a picture of what's to come. In another, we could be looking at what might have been.