When Microsoft bought Nokia's devices and services business we assumed the Finnish company was stepping out of the smartphone game for good, but that might not be the case. Nokia just posted a ton of job listings on LinkedIn, suggesting it might be interested in launching an Android smartphone to compete with Microsoft's Windows Phone lineup.

Nokia is looking to hire a bunch employees to work on new products in the company's pipeline, and a few listings in particular are noteworthy. Nokia wants to hire engineers, designers and most importantly a camera specialist with experience working with Android. If the company wants to release a new smartphone it needs to build an entire new devices team, and these job listings are a good start.

Android fans have been begging Nokia to make them a smartphone for years, and the Nokia X fell wildly short of those expectations. The company also recently dipped its toes into Google's mobile OS with an Android Launcher. Maybe Nokia is working on a new smartphone, or maybe it's just planning to release an Android camera app. Either way we're excited to see what the company has in store.