Nokia Lumia 800 close up

Following complaints from a large proportion of early Lumia 800 adopters, Nokia has finally acknowledged in an official statement issued today that there is indeed a software bug affecting its new device, and it has promised to issue a fix in early 2012.

It also states that the Lumia 710 does not suffer the same issue, and says that if you do not wish to wait for the forthcoming software update, you can contact Nokia for a replacement device:

On Monday 12th December some of our customers started to comment in various social media that the preloaded diagnostics tool in some of the Nokia Lumia 800 phones was showing lower battery capacity than expected. We immediately started to investigate these reports and can now confirm that while the battery itself is fine, a software problem on certain variants is limiting the phone's ability to access the full battery capacity. We want to stress that this issue has not been found to affect the recently introduced Nokia Lumia 710.

The good news is that as this is a software problem it can be easily resolved. The planned software update in early 2012, as well as including many performance enhancements, will also include a fix that will enable the affected phones to access the total battery capacity. For anyone who does not want to wait for the software update, Nokia can arrange for a replacement phone.

Nokia says that you can find out whether your device is affected by the bug (though your frequent low battery should have already told you that) by dialing ##634# on your handset to open up the diagnostics tool. By accepting the disclaimer and then selecting 'Battery Status' from the options, you can see your available charge capacity. A reading below 1,000 mAh means your device is affected and "you may find it is necessary to charge your phone more frequently than normal."

The company has already issued one update to the Lumia 800 — which was supposed to address battery issues amongst other things — but users report this hasn't helped. Up until this point Nokia has seemingly tried to avoid the issue, and at one point it simply published tips on how to maximize battery, such as turning off your 3G signal and lowering your brightness.

For Lumia 800 users, it's great to hear that Nokia has now acknowledged that there is indeed a problem, and that the company is finally doing something to fix it.

Have your Lumia 800 got a battery with a capacity less than 1,000 mAh?

[via Pocket-lint]