Nokia's return to smartphone camera importance is here, with the Nokia 9 PureView sporting the first major Nokia smartphone camera array since the Lumia 1020 many years ago. The Nokia 9 PureView brings a whole lot of the phone to the table, but the camera itself is the star of the show.

That camera? Flip the phone on its back and you'll find a five-camera array in a spider eye-like design. Each of the cameras is a 12MP sensor with f/1.8 aperture. Two of them shoot in color, while three of them shoot in monochrome. Each monochrome sensor lets in almost three times the light of a color sensor.

The five cameras also capture a ton of depth data. Most smartphones can capture up to 15 planes of depth, but the Nokia 9 PureView captures 1200 planes of depth. That's almost 100 times as much as other smartphones, and there's a couple of reasons you might want it.

First, it allows the Nokia 9 PureView to precisely focus in Portrait Mode beyond just the background and foreground that most phones offer. Second, that amount of depth means the phone should be able to continually change the focus as the background gets further away.

The Nokia 9 PureView sure has a lot of promise, and the camera is just one of the reasons it has me excited about Nokia again. We spent a few minutes with the Nokia 9 PureView ahead of its announcement so here's a first look at some of the pictures the phone can take.

Note that the Nokia 9 PureView was running pre-release software, so we won't be pixel peeping these photos and we'll reserve our judgement until we have a final retail unit to put through its paces. For now – enjoy the promise that this camera offers! Images have been downsized but not compressed or edited in any way.