Amazon has now begun accepting pre-orders for the Nokia 808 PureView from customers in the United Kingdom. The Symbian-powered handset, which is famous for its incredible 41-megapixel camera, is available in both black and white for £499.98 (approx. $781) SIM-free.

According to the retail giant, the device will be released on June 30 — just over a week ahead of its U.S. debut on July 8.

But the 808 PureView may not be a sellout with that hefty price tag. We knew it wasn't going to be cheap after going on sale in the United States for $700, but at just under £500, the handset will have to do battle with two of the hottest smartphones on today's market — the Samsung Galaxy S III, and the iPhone 4S.

I think it's safe to say the 808 PureView would find that challenge a whole lot easier if it was running Windows Phone. But with Symbian onboard, that could be a potential stumbling block for most customers. The fact that Nokia is now migrating away from Symbian devices to focus on its Lumia range would certainly make me think twice about adopting.

But if you simply have to have that 41-megapixel camera, you can head on over to Amazon now and put your order in.

Will you be picking up the Nokia 808 PureView?

[via The Verge]

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