By the end of the month, HMD Global could introduce two new mobile devices. Both aren’t going to feature flagship-like specifications but should appropriately serve other segments of the market.

Mobile industry insider Evan Blass went ahead and leaked the Nokia 1 and Nokia 7+ prior to their expected announcements at MWC 2018. You can tell based on looks alone that the Nokia 7+ is probably near the top of the mid-range segment while the Nokia 1 is clearly an entry-level phone. With the high-end field dominated by only a few brands, HMD Global is focusing on more affordable products.

Here’s the Nokia 7+, which sports some special branding:

The front and back are shown, and up front we can see a display with 18:9 aspect ratio. Although the bezels are still very much present, they’ve been slimmed down to add more size to the screen. It also seems that the Nokia 7+ will have curved corners for the display as well as a dual-camera setup on the back.

Another thing you likely noticed about the design is the special branding on the back. There’s a logo for Android One stamped near the bottom, just below the Nokia logo. Prior to this, we haven’t heard HMD Global launching an Android One phone but here we are. It’s also a little odd considering HMD Global’s lineup ships with stock Android already. If anything, adding an Android One phone allows Google to manage the software for quicker updates.

Blass first showed the Nokia 7+ in white with orange accents, and then a black (possibly brown) with orange accents leaked.

The Nokia 1, meanwhile, doesn’t have any modern qualities to stand out. It’s the classic entry-level phone with a simple design and massive bezels. Blass posted a picture of the phone in dark blue and red, both of which have a gray trim around the bezel.

HMD Global hasn’t confirmed new hardware is on the way, but the company has to be planning something for MWC. It’d be strange for phones with dates on the lock screens aligning with the trade show to not go official then.