Nokia's true PureView Windows Phone isn't just a myth, or "what if" scenario. According to the Guardian, which connected with industry insiders, the Finnish company is definitely preparing a Lumia device with a sensor comparable to what was inside the company's beastly 808 PureView.

Internally known as EOS, the device should arrive sometime this summer, though an exact month wasn't shared. If anything, the likeliest scenario will be that Nokia announces something at Mobile World Congress later this month, followed shortly by an actual product release.

While the PureView technology included in the Lumia 920 was good, it wasn't spectacular. Still, it's a taste of what's to come—hopefully that means a 41-megapixel sensor is heading to Windows Phone, or thereabouts. It would be odd for Nokia to develop such incredible technology only to send it off into the sunset in the 808 PureView. 

The company has enjoyed a small renaissance as of late thanks to its Lumia lineup, and something of this significance just might tip it over into the big leagues, back where it once was. I've argued that a PureView/Windows Phone combo could really buoy Nokia's market presence, and still feel strongly that it will. We'll see what Nokia announces later this month.