Nokia manufacturing partner HMD Global could be gearing up to launch its new Nokia 3310 with added 3G connectivity in the United States. The existing model, announced earlier this year, only offers 2G and isn’t fully-compatible with networks in the U.S.

HMD brought back the iconic 3310, one of the most successful cellphones on the planet, in an effort to reinvigorate the Nokia brand and remind us why it was so spectacular back in the day. The device was never supposed to be a smartphone killer, but rather an incredibly affordable backup phone that you could keep in your bag or throw in your glove box for emergencies.

The new 3310 went on sale in select markets back in May. Because it wasn’t built for web browsing and email, it only offers 2G connectivity, and it won’t work properly in the U.S. — which is why it’s not on sale here yet. However, a new FCC filing from HMD suggests the device could be landing soon — with added 3G connectivity.

GSMArena, which first spotted the filing, notes the device described has the same dimensions as the new 3310, and a very similar model number. While the original model is listed as TA-1030, the new one is listed as TA-1036. The filing also reveals that the handset will support the following network bands:

  • GSM850: 824.2 MHz ~ 848.8 MHz
  • GSM1900: 1850.2 MHz ~ 1909.8 MHz
  • WCDMA Band II: 1852.4 MHz ~ 1907.6 MHz
  • WCDMA Band V: 826.4 MHz ~ 846.6 MHz

That’s all we know about the device for now, but Nokia has a press event scheduled for August 18 where it is expected to unveil the flagship Nokia 8, so we could hear more about its new 3310 then.