The amount of pre-registrations for the revamped, retro-chic Nokia 3310 has been “incredibly strong,” says UK smartphone retailer Carphone Warehouse, proving that “it’s not all hype and that consumers really want to get their hands on one.”

The Nokia 3310, which was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26 by Nokia under the guidance of HMD Global, is essentially a modernized version of the timeless classic that rose to fame in the early 2000s for being virtually indestructible.

Carphone Warehouse’s comment combats claims that the overwhelming interest in the handset is purely a result of consumer fascination, showing signs that there’s demand for the product in the UK, though it’s unclear how it’s being received in other markets.

After all, those in the US hoping to pick up the Nokia 3310 and use it as their daily driver (no — we’re not sure why you’d want to, either) are out of luck as it only runs on 2G networks, and bands that aren’t supported by US carriers.

But what about Snake?

Owners can still play Snake as it doesn’t require a cellular connection — and if that’s not a big enough incentive to bag yourself one, we don’t know what is.