Time for an indie break! All these big games are pouring in, and I feel like writing about this goofy little Mega Man inspired title. Noitu Love and its sequel, Noitu Love 2, were doing indie long before it became cool or popular, but sadly, both remain forgotten among the waves of hits that have come out since their heyday.

Finally, Noitu Love 2 is getting a proper re-released on the Nintendo 3DS this July that will show why it is one of the best and most groundbreaking indie titles around. The game combines colorful graphics and enemies with a unique combat system controlled entirely by the touch screen. On the PC, this was done through a mouse, but the Nintendo 3DS’ capabilities make it a perfect platform for the game to find a home on.

Not wanting to confuse newcomers, the “2” has been dropped from the title, and publisher MP2 Games has replaced it with a “Devolution” in the subtitle.

The game is also being ported to the Wii U, but no such announcement has been made regarding that. Oh well, in the meantime, we’ll be playing too much of the Nintendo 3DS version to care. Look for Noitu Love: Devolution for the Nintendo 3DS next month.