Last weekend, Phil Fish got into quite the dust-up on Twitter. Fish is the Co-Founder of Polytron and the main mind behind last year’s wonderful FEZ.

During the incident on Twitter, Fish cancelled FEZ 2 and announced his departure from the games industry entirely. Here’s a screenshot of those tweets. (Warning: Contains harsh language)

Fish Tweets

It turns out, as most of us had deduced, that the cancellation of FEZ 2 came as a quick and unscripted surprise. Joystiq caught up with other past and present members of Polytron, Programmer Renaud Bédard and Producer Marie-Christine Bourdua, during an event in Toronto.

Bourdua expressed a bit of surprise with the cancellation, and then she offered this.

“It was weird and special to learn it that way, but I respect and trust Phil a lot, so that’s totally fair that he decided that and he has his reasons.”

Bédard clarified that they didn’t know about the cancellation before that moment on Twitter.

“We learnt it the same minute you did..The development of Fez 2 is up to him. If he decided now or he decided it at the end of development, it’s easier to cut it out now, than it is to say ‘Hey, we’ve been working on this for years and I’m not feeling able to finish it.’ So in that way it just makes more sense.”

Based on the moment of cancellation, it seemed pretty obvious that Fish cancelled the game abruptly. Confirmation like this, though, is entirely strange. One has to think that that folks not named Phil Fish at Polytron were rather upset with the news.