iPhone 4S - Stop

Ok, wait. Before I go into too much detail on why I chose the headline and why I'm taking the stance on why you shouldn't buy the iPhone 4S right now, I need to tell you something. I'm writing this because I've been asked by three people in the past week whether or not they should or shouldn't buy the iPhone 4S. It's a tough question and one that I've thought about considerably recently. Ultimately, however, I've decided that now isn't the time for anyone to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. (Unless, say, your iPhone just broke and you desperately need to get back onto iMessage). Hear me out.

I'm not giving this advice because I think the iPhone 5 is going to launch soon. Instead, it's because now that Apple has figured out a way to stuff 4G LTE into its iPad, there's no doubt the company is going to offer that kind of connectivity in its next iPhone. And at this point, I wouldn't recommend that anyone buy a 3G device. As much as I love the iPhone (I've recently switched back to it from Android, call me a flip-flopper, but I have the option), it unfortunately falls into the 3G category. Yes, you may have received the recent iOS 5.1 update that now alerts you your iPhone 4S's HSPA+ connection is 4G, but that's not LTE and nothing has changed but the tiny little logo.

You also shouldn't upgrade to the iPhone 4S because, despite the prowess of iOS and the massive app store, there are a ton of killer phones that are about to hit the market. Nokia's Lumia 900 will offer 4G LTE on AT&T and an incredible industrial design matched only by the iPhone and the aluminum unibody devices from HTC. AT&T will also offer the HTC One X, although its launch date is currently unknown, with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a dual-core processor and one of the best 8-megapixel cameras we've ever seen. Then there's Samsung's Galaxy S III, which will reportedly offer a quad-core processor, a 1080p HD display and a ceramic body. Even more? A report surfaced today suggesting that the Galaxy S III has the most carrier and retail pre-orders of any Galaxy device so far. That's saying something, folks.

See where I'm going with this? It's tough for me to recommend anyone buy the iPhone 4S because, even though it's a great phone and one of the best on the market, there's so much coming down the pipeline. And that's without even discussing the iPhone 5 itself, which is probably going to offer performance that's leaps and bounds over the current generation. Add in 4G LTE data speeds and it's going to be that much sweeter. Plus, it could launch this summer or in the fall, which really isn't that long of a wait when you're taking a 2-year contract into consideration.

So, ultimately, I think I'd be doing you an injustice if I recommended that you buy an iPhone 4S right now. Instead, I'd say wait it out and seriously take a look at the incredible devices that are about to hit the market in the coming months. If those don't suit your fancy, well, it'll probably be time for the iPhone 5. Why get yourself locked into a 2-year contract now?

Am I crazy? What do you think?