We were lying, the trailer is exceptionally weird. That's part and parcel to the Katamari Damacy experience, though, isn't it? I can remember playing the first game and staring in disbelief during almost every single awkward cutscene. Seeing a return to bizarre form for this series is awesome for me.

Goro the Slacker will, hopefully, be a key piece of the marketing for Touch My Katamari from here on out. Namco Bandai's international marketing team seems to have looked at the Katamari franchise and embraced its odd roots in the hopes to draw series lovers to the game at the PS Vita's launch.

In Japan, this game is simply called "塊魂ノビータ" or Katamari Damacy no Vita (the "no" there signifies possession or being a part of). The rest of the world will see it as the almost-too-obvious Touch My Katamari.

The international title connects to the new gameplay mechanics born within the PS Vita launch title. Players will control their clumps traditionally or by way of the touchscreen. Even further, players will be able to squish or flatten the Katamari in order to get it into and out of tight spaces.

Touch My Katamari will ship at the same time as the PS Vita, February 22nd, 2012. In addition to the trailer above, we've snagged several screenshots of the game in action. There's significantly less Goro here than we expected…

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