If you were hoping for a chance to play an HD, beautified version of something like Super Mario Sunshine or Super Mario Galaxy, pump the brakes. Nintendo Fellow and master of Mario Shigeru Miyamoto isn’t interested in retreading old ground.

Speaking with IGN at E3 for an interview that was only recently published, Shigeru Miyamoto plainly indicated that he doesn’t want to take on old Mario games in HD.

“I don’t really feel like I want to remake any of them,” Miyamoto explained. “It’s more natural to always create new mechanics and new games.”

That bit about working on new mechanics totally sounds like something Miyamoto would say. While the New Super Mario Bros. series is at odds with this notion, the main Mario games tend to create and expand on a completely new and unique mechanic. Super Mario 64 brought 3D spaces, Super Mario Sunshine gave us the water pack, Super Mario Galaxy used gravity and space in crazy ways, Super Mario 3D Land / World were super tight 3D titles that blended the best of each game and Super Mario Odyssey has the new “don’t call it possession” mechanic with Mario’s hat.

These games all attempt to bring something new or refined to the table. I don’t think Nintendo could convince Miyamoto to stop making new things in order to revisit the old ones.

Which sort of stinks if you want to play something like Super Mario Sunshine and don’t have a GameCube. I’m with Miyamoto on this, though. I’d rather see more new mechanics than repeats of old Mario.