Titanfall - 3

If you like to play games in pairs on your couch at home for fun, you can officially place Titanfall in the "won't do split screen" category.

Split screen gaming, while not necessarily a must-have for the majority of gamers out there in the world, is a big feature for folks who live with other players.

Think about families with siblings, apartments with gaming focused roommates or couples who actually enjoy killing folks on the Internet together on the same TV. All of these people actually make use of split screen multiplayer options, and I bet a few of you reading this right now fall into that category of players, too.

Unfortunately for you lot, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that Titanfall will not feature split screen play. Here they are on Twitter.

Sure, we completely recognize that this isn't a game-breaking feature for folks who play alone. For others? This might put Titanfall off of the "day-one-need" pile.

What do you think?

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