Yesterday, Nintendo released their financial forecast for 2013. They also performed a financial results briefing for the fiscal year that wrapped up in March of this year. In that briefing the company went over what they'd be bringing to E3.

Of course, a major focus for Nintendo's showing this upcoming June will be the Wii U. The company plans to bring out the console, show what they think will be its chief selling points and roll out a few banner pieces of software for its eventual holiday release.

At the end of talking a little about what they'll be showing between E3 and Japan in June for the Wii U, Nintendo took time to point out one piece of their plan, pricing. Here's the quote, verbatim:

Please also be advised that, as we did for previous platforms that were launched in the year-end sales season, we will announce the launch date and price in each market sometime after E3.

Take note here and now, then. Nintendo will not  be announcing a price for their console during E3. We'll be shown a slew of features, games and options for the new hardware, and then we'll be treated to a small waiting period between the presser's wrap and the hardware's price point.

For perspective: Nintendo showed the 3DS off at E3 without revealing the price. They priced the device for Japanese launch in September, then priced it again for the North American launch in February. The price announcements, in both cases, came roughly two or three months before the hardware release.

We expect the same approximate pattern for the Wii U.

As more comes for the new system and Nintendo's plans for E3 2012, we'll have it. We'll also be at the show live and in-person for more coverage and gaming goodness. Prepare thyselves!

[via Nintendo]