A familiar face will be leading the production of John Wick 3 when principal photography begins later this year. Director Chad Stahelski is returning to the final installment of the franchise he helped lead since 2014.

First reported by Entertainment Weekly, Stahelski has agreed to terms to return to direct John Wick 3. The stuntman turned director co-directed the first movie while directing the second one solo. With writer of the first two movies Derek Kolstad already on board to pen the script, this ensures the creative force behind the first two movies is returning to conclude the trilogy.

Prior to the announcement, Reeves had been talking about bouncing off ideas with Stahelski, hinting at his return, but it wasn’t a done deal until now.

Now that Stahelski is signed up, the attention is turning to filling out the cast. John Wick Chapter 2 saw the incorporation of a past Reeves co-star, Morpheus himself Laurence Fishburne. For John Wick 3, Reeves is eyeing another co-star with major cache: Tilda Swinton.

Reeves previously worked with Swinton on two movies including the action flick Constantine and has been floating around the idea of possibly working with her again, being very complimentary of her. Nothing has been announced yet, but it would be pretty awesome to see Swinton face off with Reeves in the John Wick universe.