No Mario's Sky

Thank you Mario, but our princess is on another planet!

Well, this is certainly cheeky. Developers over at ASMB games have capitalized on the reputation of No Man’s Sky by offering a very similar 2D game… with a Mario skin! It’s almost like I’m looking at Terraria, which has always been a 2D Minecraft clone that used Final Fantasy V sprites to build its characters around.

The biggest difference is that No Mario’s Sky isn’t crazy good. It’s a stiff little platformer that offers the same rotating worlds found in Super Mario Galaxy. Only, in 2D, they feel far more disorienting than the final product that Nintendo delivered. It does offer infinite planets and countless mutations of Goombas on each of these planets, though, which is kind of hilarious given that’s what No Man’s Sky based its hype on.

Luckily for ASMB, I don’t think it was aiming for quality here. The game was created for the Lundum Dare 36 competition, which challenges developers to create games within 72 hours.

It’s also available for PC, Mac, and Linux, so be sure to download it before Nintendo drops the legal hammer. After bumbling through a brief recreation of World 1-1, you’ll be soaring across the stars as the world’s most recognizable gaming character!