As the world continues to wonder what exactly you do in No Man’s Sky’s expansive universe, I can see it crystal clear. You fly to planets, check out animals, shoot lasers, battle space pirates, and collect resources to help get to the next planet. That’s it. Rinse and repeat until you come to “the center.”

What about this is so hard to wrap your brain around? I’m still struggling to understand. Well, truth be told…

I like my open-world games to be as minimalist as possible. I don’t like objectives and plot getting in my way. I like being set free at my own pace. I loved exploring in Crackdown and simply jumping over roofs. I loved mindlessly parachuting from village to village in Just Cause 2 and causing chaos without the worry of story missions. I loved diving underground just to find what kind of weapons and monsters were in Skyrim’s and Fallout 3’s caves.

In fact, coming back to its central structure bored me to tears in all those games. They survived beyond their flimsy plots, and my guess is No Man’s Sky will as well. We don’t need another sandbox game which drags its audience from waypoint to waypoint. Just get out there and make your own fun!

No Man’s Sky provides and entire universe to do that in. It will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC.