Slowly but surely, the veil that’s covering No Man’s Sky is being pulled back to reveal whatever adventure lies within. Thanks to IGN this month, we’re privy to a healthy look at what Hello Games is cooking up with the title.

The newest video covers the economy, crafting and trading that will support the system within No Man’s Sky. Hello Games’ Sean Murray does the talking, as per usual, and he describes some of what the studio’s game has to offer.

For instance, resource gathering planets was already known. However, resources are, basically, made up atomic elements. Combining those elements makes a product. That product, depending on the crafting recipe players use, will fetch more money. Trading posts exist on planets and in space, and you might want to seek out the biggest bang for you buck at each spot.

The biggest criticism that No Man’s Sky is fetching these days is that there’s “nothing to do.” Personally, I’m not really sure that’s true. There’s a core objective of reaching the center of the universe, exploring, trading and discovering. Then there are all the systems at play between space federations, pirates and traders. That doesn’t even cover the weird creatures we’ll find on some planets.

Of course, I have no idea how exciting the game will be when it drops. I don’t think the “nothing to do” argument holds water, though. This game will have its fans, that much is for certain already.