Warning: The “ending” to No Man’s Sky is spoiled in this post. The text and the video will reveal and discuss what waits for players at the game’s galactic center. Do not read this post or watch these videos if you want to stay away from spoilers.

Cool? Cool.

Well this might be the most anti-climactic thing ever. I don’t know what I expected to see at the center of the galaxy in No Man’s Sky. The potential grandeur was likely limited by the size of Hello Games, right? I mean, it would have been amazing to find this galactic hub of life, knowledge and trade at the center. What if you reached the core and found all the game’s beings, previously talking about their wars with one another, working together to build a populous that was rich in culture and goods?

That would have been fantastic, and it would have served as an awesome allegory for the potential of working together.

What did we really get? You’re sent back to the beginning of the game, you have all your tech and equipment (though it needs to be repaired) and you’ve discovered a new galaxy. YouTube channel ShoSho shows what happens.

Surely, hitting the new galactic center would reveal something more fantastic, right? No. It’s the same thing. Again.

I know what I wanted to find at the center of the game’s galaxy. I also know, realistically, that the team could never make it as grand as I desired.

However, if you develop a video game with a gleaming bright objective at its literal center for players to chase, the reveal and result had better be majestic and special. This? Players don’t even get new gear or a new quest line. It’s just a reset.

What do you think?