Has the burn from No Man’s Sky finally cooled enough for you to get interested in it again? I think it has for me, and what players are discovering following the latest update (dubbed, officially, Atlas Rises) has really piqued my curiosity.

These planets and biomes are absolutely bizarre, and they are the exact type of haunting imagery I wished I experienced the first time around. Kotaku UK did a bunch of video gathering, and the clips they’ve collected are extremely cool.

I’ve piled them all at the base of this post.

Now, this update is entirely free. It’s part of Hello Games continued post-launch support. The update brings the game up to version 1.3. The update includes lots of stuff, like trade improvements, missions, an overhauled central storyline and new worlds. “The variety and visual quality of planetary biomes has been improved,” Hello Games indicates. “Explore rare new exotic planet types as you journey toward the galactic core.”

Here’s some of what players have found so far.

Are you playing No Man’s Sky again?