No Man’s Sky is now under investigation for unrepresentative advertising. The game has been accused of the practice by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, or ASA, after receiving complaints from someone who is also serving as a source for Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

The ASA has released a list of how the currently believe Hello Games falsely advertised their game.

  • User interface design
  • Ship flying behaviour (in formation; with a ‘wingman’; flying close to the ground)
  • Behaviour of animals (in herds; destroying scenery; in water; reacting to surroundings)
  • Large-scale space combat
  • Structures and buildings as pictured
  • Flowing water
  • Speed of galaxy warp/loading time
  • Aiming systems
  • Size of creatures
  • Behaviour of ships and sentinels
  • Structures and buildings as pictured
  • Store Page in general
Quality of graphics
  • References to: lack of loading screens, trade convoys between stars, factions vying over territory

RPS indicates that this stage of the process isn’t as bad as it sounds, it seems. Hello Games and Valve are to be contacted by the ASA. From there, the two companies have the option to pull down all advertisement that the authority as deemed unrepresentative. If they do that, everything’s fine. If they don’t, the ASA will pursue the investigation even further.

Why did RPS‘ source make the complaints? Here’s what they offer.

“My hope is this could give Valve a reminder/prod that they themselves have a responsibility, they can’t just blame individual publishers, and this might help them keep future games being listed, more honest…”

We’ll keep an eye on this story as it develops.

For now, I’ll agree that the final game doesn’t look anything like this.

No Man's Sky - 20