The galaxy of No Man’s Sky is a huge, lonely place, and the inky black void of space isn’t very interested in helping you excel. That’s where we come in. We’ve put in our time with No Man’s Sky and have a few tips that’ll help you better explore the vast reaches of space more efficiently and more effectively.

The ins and outs of rocket boosting

Of course you have a jetpack. You’re a space explorer. But that pack is a lot more flexible than you might first imagine. First and foremost, there’s rocket boosting. This feature isn’t exactly documented, so it’s possible that Hello Games might patch it out, but if they do, those of us who use it will probably start a riot. Here’s how it works. While moving forward, you hit the button for your melee attack (R1 on PlayStation 4), and as you finish pressing that, roll to the rocket boost button. Instead of boosting upward, you’ll boost forward. You get a lot of momentum out of this, and can hop across large gaps. It takes a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, it’s the only way to fly.

Because the worlds in No Man’s Sky are randomly generated, you’ll sometimes run into areas with seriously steep walls. If you run into a wall and start boosting, the decreasing meter for your rocket booster actually doesn’t decrease the way it does when you’re in the air. You can scale most any wall this way. The same goes for being under water – the rocket booster is unlimited there, as well, and is the main way you’ll get around.

Space ships belong in space

No Man's Sky - 25

If you’re trying to get somewhere on the same planet you’re on, but you’re more than a minute or two away, head to space. Things like air friction and planetary rotation seem to matter, and you’ll be able to get where you’re going much faster. We’re talking about saving 10 or 15 minutes at a time. I don’t understand things like physics, but this definitely makes a difference.

Hostile planets have the best stuff

No Man's Sky_20160815135547

Whenever you land on a new planet, you get a quick rundown of the planet’s conditions. What you want to look for is how mean the Sentinel bots are. If they’re frenzied or hostile, chances are that planet has some good stuff like Venom Sacs or Gravitino Balls. Those items sell for 30,000 units a piece even when under-selling, and you can make a good amount of money fast without cutting into elements you might want to build with. Picking these items triggers the sentinels to seek you out and attack, but, honestly? They’re a good source of titanium, too. So shoot them down and take what they have to offer.

When you use your ground scanner, these high value items appear as exclamation marks in bright green diamonds (like the one above, though that came from feeding one of the creatures on the planet I was currently on). They stand out from everything else, so they’re easy to spot and worth the time and risk.

Buy low, sell high

Whenever you’re selling, whether to a trader at the galactic marketplace, look to the stars. And by that I mean, look for stars on items in the list – those items are selling at especially high prices, and can net you tons of space bucks. Even if it’s an element you think you might need later, it might be worth selling it off at such a great price.

Add a grenade into the mix

That mining laser is useful, but it won’t get you everywhere. But a grenade? You can burrow straight up or down into the ground. That’s especially good if you get stuck in a cave somewhere, or you spot a little red dot signifying an unidentified creature on your scanner and want to take the fastest route down to it. Just don’t fire them too close.

Plan your upgrades

No Man's Sky_20160815094924

You might’ve noticed that if you group similar items together, they get colored borders around them. That’s because they’re augmenting each other by being in proximity to each other! It can be hard to plan out your upgrades ahead of time because of how difficult inventory management is, but the more spaces you get in your suit, ship, and multi-tool, the easier it gets.

Save early, save often

You’ll save anytime you exit your ship or anytime you hit one of those area markers that lets you discover an area. If you just did a bunch of stuff, spent 15 minutes upgrading, hop in and out of your ship. No Man’s Sky is kind of unstable right now, and it doesn’t hurt to make sure you keep that information.

Further, the options menu lets you roll back to your previous two saves. If you accidentally land your ship on a floating rock a thousand feet in the air and can’t get back, or you get miles away and can’t get back through the slog of sentinels, acid rain, radiation, heat, and wildlife, you can roll back to an early save.