Many are worried about jumping into No Man’s Sky, which is a little understandable given by how unclear the objectives in the game are. However, those who wish to watch streams and Let’s Plays of Hello Games’ incoming hit won’t have to worry about spoilers, because it will always have something new to surprise you.

In an interview with The Guardian, Hello Games’ Sean Murray explains that the universe’s sheer size will hold an infinite level of discovery.

“In this era in which footage of every game is recorded and uploaded to YouTube, we wanted a game where, even if you watched every video, it still wouldn’t be spoiled for you. And we wanted those discoveries to be meaningful in the sense that they could be shared with other players, all of whom existed in the exact same universe, rather than inside their own random dimension.”

There is a center of the universe, a “goal,” so to speak. I imagine reaching that and finding out what lies within would be in the spoiler territory, whether or not Murray’s comments indicate as such.

Murray further explains the importance of honestly selling the game, so as not to overpromise and possibly let people down. The hype might be huge for No Man’s Sky, but none of that can be put on Hello Games’ doorstep given how it always shows off with live demonstrations.

“People say to me: there’s never been a game that’s had this much hype and hasn’t disappointed everyone. We’ve always ensured that every video and demo we put out is raw gameplay Every time you see No Man’s Sky, it’s literally me playing, wearing headphones, trying to film things that go well with the music. It’s the most genuine way in which we can show the game.”

No Man’s Sky will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC. No official release date has been set yet.