Warning: Spoielrs. There are spoilers in this video. But, as they say, you should really know what you’re getting into before you dump so much of your life into the game.

“Experience this feature-rich screensaver,” our honest narrator says. Harsh, but that might be the most adept summary of No Man’s Sky I’ve heard since its release. It’s not so much an insult as it is, well, sort of true.

Hey! Maybe you dig that! I actually enjoyed the relaxing nature of No Man’s Sky for a bit, and I’m not upset by the way they describe the game in the video above.

This Honest Game Trailers video serves as less of a roast about No Man’s Sky and more of a recap of what’s happened with the title so far. I really hope Hello Games sticks with this thing and patches it like crazy. If they can nail a few features and make the exploration more dynamic, the combat more intense and the UI more manageable, this game could be much better.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll be talking about how good No Man’s Sky has become in a year’s time.