Geoff Keighley, whether you like the guy or not, is a gaming industry veteran personality with a lot of history and clout. He faces the public perhaps more than anyone else in the media coverage side of the business, and his opinions carry a lot of weight.

At the end of the two hour “LIVE with YouTube Gaming” hosted by Keighley, he takes center stage to deliver a monologue about No Man’s Sky. That starts right around 1:47:30 in the video below, if you feel like watching for yourself.

Keighley admits that he played a role in hyping the product before launch. He also says that Hello Games’ Sean Murray told him back in March of this year that Keighley was being too negative about the game, and that Murray didn’t want to be around him much more.

Keighley compared the hype generated by Murray to that of Peter Molyneux of Fable fame, subsequently showing a clip of Molyneux hyping the game back in 1999.

Returning to No Man’s Sky, Keighley really digs in.

“I don’t think that No Man’s Sky is a bad game,” he explained. “It’s just unfinished and repetitive, because let’s face it: games are crafted by skilled storytellers and big teams. Math can’t always create meaning.”

“Now, I had many strong discussions with Sean and the team as they lead up to launch, and I disagreed with them charging $60 and putting it in a box when I think what they should have done was sort of put it out as an Early Access game and let people play it and sort of build over time with the team and community.”

Is he wrong? I don’t think so.