The Internet gasped for but a fleeting second when PlayStation Blog accidentally published an update that claimed No Man’s Sky will be coming out tomorrow, March 3! Sadly, Sony quickly retracted the post without comment and erased any and all mention of the game, putting us back into speculation mode on the mysterious title.


However, we can pull a little information from this leak. We now know that No Man’s Sky will be slapped with a full game price of $59.99, despite being an “indie” game. Not that that means anything anymore, right?

We can also guess that Sony has some plans for No Man’s Sky tomorrow, March 3, and it’s reasonable to assume that this will be information regarding pre-order options. We should be seeing those pop up on the PlayStation Store before the week is out.

Either that, or someone at Sony was just totally wrong and made huge mistakes all across the board. In that case, this leak means nothing, putting us back to where we started with just a June 2016 release window.

However, given the timing of the release and fact that Sony wants this to be much bigger than the rest of its indie library, the pre-order date and price fall into the realm of reality. Keep an eye out for more No Man’s Sky information this week.

The game will also be released through Steam for the PC audience.