File miners dug through the most recent “Foundation” update after it released this weekend for No Man’s Sky and turned up hints of the next potential update. Files deep inside the update, uncovered by Reddit user eegandj, paint a picture of a space buggy that can help players cross terrain with more ease.

Inside a folder called “BUGGY,” eegandj first claimed to discover textures for tire tracks, and eventually, he came upon full 3D models for the potential ground vehicles. He found a way to import the models into the game and created this video of his discoveries.

Incomplete model could mean customization options

As you can see, the vehicle resembles nothing more than a skeleton, meaning the outer layers don’t yet exist. If this buggy indeed makes it into the final game, don’t be surprised if you’ll be able to attach your own body to it. Considering how the bases are in No Man’s Sky, it seems very likely that a buggy would provide the same options.

The “Foundation” update is available now for free on both the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of No Man’s Sky.