PlayStation 4 owners have access to No Man’s Sky today. PC gamers will get it on the 12th. I received my digital copy on yesterday. I did not get a note with it, as that was reserved for those reviewers who received a physical version of No Man’s Sky.

NeoGAF user (and, I assume, a critic for Gamespot based on the back of the picture) More_Badass posted a shot of a letter from No Man’s Sky developer and co-founder of Hello Games Sean Murray. This letter was included with the press kit. Here’s the shot in full.

NMS Letter

This project has surely taken its toll on the Hello Games staff, both in bad ways and good. I can’t imagine shipping a game with this much hype behind it, especially as a team as small as Hello Games.

We’re playing through No Man’s Sky now, so expect more coverage from us as the weeks and months rolls on.