It’s been almost three years since No Man’s Sky was officially revealed at the VGX awards in 2013. From the debut of that trailer forward, tiny developer Hello Games had created a monster of hype and promise.

This game would offer an entire universe of planets and space to explore, all without loading screens. Development was quiet with reveals coming slowly in waves, and the creators have been pretty mum about the exact drive to push forward on this galactic quest.

Now, after three years of development, silence, hype and delays, No Man’s Sky is out on the PlayStation 4. I almost can’t believe it, can you? Regardless of whether or not the game delivers on its promise, I think we can all agree that the hype has been absurd. It’s sort of nice to have that come to an end, isn’t it?

Alright then, with all that said, here’s the launch trailer for No Man’s Sky.

Are you set to play the game on PlayStation 4 today? Or, are you holding out for the PC version on August 12? I’m rolling with the PS4 version for now, but the PC version of the game is currently incredibly tempting.