No Man’s Sky is back with another update that is promising to add a whole new layer of depth to it. The new Path Finder update will add land vehicles to the mix and expand the previous Foundation update later this week.

Hello Games announced the launch date in an official update on its website.

This week Hello Games will be releasing the next content update for No Man’s Sky. We’re calling it the Path Finder Update; it introduces a new vehicle that will aid home planet exploration, building on the Foundation Update to hint at a path ahead for the future.

Detailed patch notes will be released when the update goes live.

Shortly after we launched the Foundation Update, we released a number of patches to address issues reported by players before beginning work on the Path Finder update. We were surprised and excited by the response to Foundation, and we have been listening carefully to community feedback since then.

To those of you who have spent time sharing feedback, whether positive or negative, we are listening.

Foundation helped a bit, didn’t it?

When the Foundation update launched in late November last year, fans responded positively to it. The ability to build bases and have a home planet was a welcome greeting for those who still followed the game. It didn’t fix all of the game’s issues, and No Man’s Sky disappeared from the headlines just as quickly as it returned. However, it shows that Hello Games is still hard at working getting its game up to the insane levels of hype.

Only time will tell if it can get there.