Is No Man’s Sky the game we were promised? Arguably, no. However, one thing I don’t think anyone can argue about is the fact that a game should arrive with at least some standard in regards to stability. That is, it shouldn’t crash or lose saves constantly.

In addition to the debatable quality of No Man’s Sky, the game was irrefutably bogged down by crashing bugs at launch.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Hello Games has issued a patch for the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of No Man’s Sky. The word came from their official Twitter account.

Patch 1.09 is easily the longest and varied yet for No Man’s Sky. The fixes, though, are more of the stability and UI variety than anything else. This will not turn the game into something it currently isn’t, I suppose beyond turning it into a game that works.

Content updates for No Man’s Sky are supposedly coming, but stability comes first.