See the news? No Man’s Sky got its first content update since launch. It’s called the Foundation Update and it includes the ability to build bases and acquire a massive space freighter.

While the internet yelled, memed and decided to raise money for cancer research, Sean Murray and Hello Games were hard at work. They said they would be, but the notion that the studio was built on a house of lies and false promises made that claim less than reliable.

I can’t really blame the fans. I personally think that Sony played a huge part in the whole debacle that surrounded No Man’s Sky‘s hype and launch, but they’ve managed to stay away from all of this anger for the most part. Instead, folks are really upset with Sean Murray and Hello Games. Sure, Murray promised the world one thing and delivered something that was lesser than, but Sony propped Murray up on their shoulders through all of the pre-release hype. Sony gave No Man’s Sky a concert at E3. Sony spent a lot of money on this, and they wound up pointing blame at Murray and walking away.

But, yes. Hello Games over-promise and under-delivered with No Man’s Sky. They said they would work on content after they had the game stabilized, and here they are. The content is out.

Hello Games, thanks for the patch!

Is this the game they promised? Not yet, but it is better than what we had at launch. Players can actually leave their mark on the universe. They can set up bases, they can set up waypoints, they can actually automatically gather resources with fancy robots, they can buy their own freighters.

Check out any of the fan communities online, and you’ll find a large presence of praise. Gamers are happy. Sure, there are some out there saying things like “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” They seem to be the minority here. And that’s great for Hello Games and No Man’s Sky.

Hello Games has said that the Foundation Update is literally the foundation of the game moving forward. If this is the foundation, No Man’s Sky could be a really great game in a few years. We all know that the game sold like gangbusters at launch. It had a high price tag, the game was arguably more expensive than it should have been, but it sold really well. The team has the money to make this the game it should be. Yes, they’re a small staff. It’s just that they seem dedicated.

They could have taken the money and retired. They didn’t.

That’s what’s impressed me most about all of this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the gaming world so singularly focused on hating someone like they’ve hated Sean Murray, not counting the gamergate stuff, and he took all of that hate and put it into making something. It seems to me that Hello Games could have easily taken the money and stopped working. Murray and his company could have retired. They made that much money. They didn’t. In spite of all the hate and negative energy, they went out and developed more No Man’s Sky content. And it’s free. That’s a far cry from the picture of greed painted by gamers.

I’m not saying that this update absolves the team of all their wrong doings. I personally believe that No Man’s Sky was a victim of over-promising and over-hype, though not all of the blame lies on Hello Games. However, they certainly enjoyed the benefits. And they have been far too quiet in the run up to this release.

The new content will go far to make gamers happy. I want them to go further. I want No Man’s Sky to be even better. I want this to be the sci-fi game that meets my dreams. Is that possible? We’ll see.

For now, I’m going to focus on building a ridiculous base and harvesting resources again. That sort of sounds fun right now.