Stephen Colbert No Man's Sky

Could Stephen Colbert be the one to bring home the release date of No Man’s Sky? Hello Games founder Sean Murray is scheduled to appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert next Friday on Oct. 2, and we can all expect Colbert to geek out and show the uninitiated mainstream how huge of a game No Man’s Sky really is.

From there, we can only imagine and wonder how much they’ll care.

Murray will be allowing an on-air demonstration of the game with Colbert, and to help him drive it home, he has also enlisted the help of YouTube star PewDiePie to aid in the demonstration. This will be the first time No Man’s Sky has appeared in public since E3 2015 back in June.

As No Man’s Sky enters its second year of development since announcement, both anticipation and impatience have been on the rise. Many think it will be a revolutionary title that will push the boundaries of procedural generation and exploration, and others are still wondering exactly what they’ll be doing in this game.

All questions could be answered next Oct. 2 at 11:35 PM EST.