Timed exclusive no longer! Hello Games’s Sean Murray confirmed at the E3 2015 PC gaming conference that its monstrously anticipated No Man’ Sky would be hitting the PC and the PlayStation 4 on the exact same day.

He failed to mention what day that would be, but he definitely said that they will be the same. The shift comes just a few days after Sony claimed it was treating No Man’s Sky like a first person title. I’m sure Sony is fine with it though considering it said they same thing about Destiny when it was launching on the Xbox One the exact same day too.

Hello Games also brought along a new trailer for No Man’s Sky that focuses more on the action portions of its design rather than the exploration. We all know about the size of the game and traveling to the billions of planets and stars. Just gotta get the word out there that you actually can do something once you get there!

No Man’s Sky will launch for the PlayStation 4 and PC. No word on the release date yet.