One of Sony’s most coveted exclusives is finally coming to the Xbox. Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, announced on Thursday that No Man’s Sky will arrive on Microsoft’s console this summer, alongside a free update called NEXT.

No Man’s Sky was launched for the PlayStation 4 back in 2016 amid a flurry of devastating hype. The game promised players a vast procedurally generated universe to explore, in which they could discover planets, creatures, and more.

Unfortunately, No Man’s Sky didn’t deliver on its original promise, leading to mixed reviews upon its release. Since then, Hello Games has worked to deliver an improved version through numerous milestone updates, resuscitating what almost became a massive flop.

The fact that the game will be available on the Xbox One means it’ll be more widely available, allowing a wider audience to appreciate. Xbox One owners will be treated to the best version of the game when it’s released in a few months, so in that respect Sony’s timed exclusivity played to Microsoft’s favor.

505 games will be responsible for distributing the Xbox One edition of No Man’s Sky. You can learn more about No Man’s Sky in our review down below.