As the weather turns cool here in Northern California it’s pretty evident that the holidays are just around the corner and the shopping season that accompanies that has already begun. Many savvy shoppers live for Black Friday deals and brave the insane crowds that go along with saving a few bucks. An ever increasing number of shoppers are shopping online and taking advantage of Cyber Monday deals.

What would happen to the economy and holiday shopping season if we didn’t have Internet? There would be a few scenarios that would play out for retailers and shoppers alike. As far as holiday shopping dollars spent, one of two things would occur: either more people would venture out into retail thus creating more chaos as well as more local tax revenue, or some people would simply forgo many products that they would have purchased online. Some of these consequences are good, others not so much.

My online shopping habits have certainly evolved over the years, whereas in the past I would rely on theimages-internet-shopping1 Internet to compare prices and check local availability, to now where I simply order what I want to purchase and have it shipped. I find that I save time, money and eliminate stress when shopping online for the holidays as opposed to visiting my local brick and mortar stores.

The Internet saves you holiday dollars in more than lower prices: time saved in elimination of the searching, gas that is not consumed driving to the mall, free shipping the majority of the time and in some cases no sales tax. Here in California they have taxed pretty much everything, but the one thing they have yet to get their hands on is online Internet purchases from retailers whom are out of state and do not operate a brick and mortar store in the State of California. That being said, as a good citizen of California I do report all my Internet purchases on my state income taxes (clearing throat), but initially those tax dollars are back in my pocket for the time being.

Whether during the holiday season or not, we take advantage of reliable Internet connections everyday, mostly without even realizing it. Besides the obvious getting online to check email, sports scores and the plethora of other activities that require an Internet connection,life now revolves around the Internet. Imagine in todays world just trying to buy groceries without an Internet connection powering the point of sales cash registers and processing payments, ATM machines would be non existent. traffic a would be chaotic and public transportation in the form of trains and air travel would all but come to a halt.

So this holiday season when you are praising the Internet and shopping for that perfect give, for that special someone, at 2am in your pajamas just keep in mind that reliable Internet connections make our way of life what it is today.

How have you utilized the Internet to enhance your holiday shopping? Can you think of other instances where the Internet is implemented and if it wasn’t chaos would ensue? I look forward to your feedback.