Far Cry 4 (7)

Well, this is a fun way to punish video game pirates. No, not the dude who sails the Jackdaw, actual people who pirate video games.

If you have a copy of Far Cry 4 on the PC and you're missing an FOV slider, that's not a bug or a feature drop. It's missing for a reason. Creative Director Alex Hutchinson tweeted this gem out a day or so ago to oust pirated copies.

Of course, a little deeper digging reveals that it's something that's fixed with the first patch of the game. You have to take it online in Uplay to receive the patch, so the idea is that PC players who get the game through illegal means can't bring it to Uplay for the update. Pretty nifty system.

The issue, though, is that folks who bought it from retail stores and never take it online? They don't get the patch.

Still, that pool of gamers is small enough that I imagine most without the FOV slider have actually pirated Far Cry 4. If you didn't pirate the game and you don't have an FOV control? Patch it. You'll need to hit Uplay, though…

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