We've seen a lot of "complete"and "special" editions over the years, meaning that publishers have seen fit to include useless trinkets in their games to trick the collector mentality in gamers into coughing up more money. I was caught off guard twice with Mass Effect and BioShock from the earlier days of this trend, but have since grown wiser realizing that if you are a "game" collector, then the "game" is all that matters.

Maybe a nice official case to put it in and a manual too, but anything that comes standard with the normal edition is good enough for me.

Still, some people gotta have it all, and unfortunately with Watch_Dogs, that's going to be nobody. Cheap Ass Gamer's Robert Goode has conducted a small study of all the different copies of Watch_Dogs Ubisoft is offering by taking a simple look at Wikipedia, and he has come to the undeniable conclusion that no box has 100 percent of everything.

Between the ridiculous amount of ten different versions being offered, not one of them will give you access to everything that could possibly come in a Watch_Dogs box. The closest you can get to 100 percent is to import both the Vigilante Edition and Deadsec edition from Asia, the Middle East or Australia, and then buy the Season Pass to cover all of the DLC.

Furthermore, only the PlayStation versions of the Deadsec and Vigilante Edition offer the ever important "White Hat Pack." If that is important to you, then your import version is thankfully guaranteed to be region free and you won't have to buy the standard edition to actually simply play the game.

Or you can join the real world, scrap all that extra nonsense, buy the game, play it and be happy with it. This trend of "special editions" has officially taken itself one step too far on the ridiculous scale. You don't need all the extra decals to be a collector, just a spot for it on your physical or virtual shelf. Am I right?

Watch_Dogs will be released on May 27 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC, and you can bet that if I buy a copy, it's not going to have anything but the core game.

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