Engineers over at Nissan have apparently been watching too much Dragon Ball Z. In a new video posted on Sunday, the automaker teases strange new Glass-like technology that looks strikingly similar to the show’s Scouter device. Nissan doesn’t reveal anything about the device being teased, though an unveiling is expected at the 43rd annual Tokyo auto show, which opens to the press on Nov. 20. Although no information was shared, Nissan’s 3E, as it’s being called, will likely be used to help drivers more easily navigate byways and highways. That is, until the law enforcement sees you wearing it.

Nissan has dabbled in wearable technology before with its Nismo Watch concept, but it appears the automaker felt something on your face was also necessary. Without knowing anything about the product, it’s difficult to judge what the experience will be like. But if the 3E is constantly streaming data into your field of vision, or at least in your peripherals, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. The device is likely just a concept, and not something that’ll eventually come pre-loaded with every future Nissan vehicle. Still, with people already opposing the use of Glass behind the wheel, it’s likely Nissan’s idea will also be shunned.