*WARNING: Do not use a VR headset while driving on a real street. That would be really really dumb*

Apparently over her whole Louis Vuitton fad and no longer promoting the importance of superficial fashion while saving the world, Lightning is out to find a new hobby to fill in the gaping hole where her personality should be. Maybe slick and shiny cars will be the next big thing for her to cling to during this debilitating identity crisis.

Nissan is using the character, along with her ally/rival Snow, to sell Nissan cars in China. And not only are they selling cars, they’re selling VR headsets in the very same commercial!

Yes, because these are two things that obviously work very very well together in their intended environments.

Oh man, I’m feeling sick just watching this, and no, it’s not because of Snow’s stupid smirk. Just retire this dope already! You’re no Noctis, bud!