Tesla’s Model 3 has racked up a ton of pre-orders, and whether or not that actually translates to a ton of sales it’s still pretty impressive. Now Nissan is chasing impatient Tesla fans with a new ad campaign for its all-electric Leaf.

Without mentioning Tesla directly, Nissan makes a few not-so-subtle jabs. The main tagline essentially calls out the Model 3 reservation system. The smaller text also mentions the $1,000 cost to reserve Tesla’s new car (which is fully refundable) and the fact that fans actually lined up to place them when the Model 3 was first announced. Nissan also notes that the Leaf comes with $4,000 cash back for qualified buyers.

The Leaf is a solid electric car and it’s available for under $30,000. Then again, it’s nowhere near as impressive or sleek as the Model 3. Nissan launched the vehicle back in 2010 and it’s definitely due for an upgrade. Sales are down significantly (42.8% in the US last year), which may explain why the company is going after Tesla.