NipponIchi is once again returning to the series that put their name on the map in America, but not with just one game. Two!

It’s been ten years since the Prince of Darkness Laharl and his band of goofy demons stole out hearts in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and in that time, NipponIchi created multitudes of sequels, spin-offs, and similarly styled strategy RPGs.

However, one thing they have not done is follow up on the original Disgaea‘s plot, choosing to branch off and follow new protagonists instead of the three popular leads from the first game.

NipponIchi is out to correct this by creating a direct sequel to the happy ending of their first hit with Disgaea Dimension 2, and it will continue the adventures of Laharl, his murderous servant Etna, and the fallen angel Flonne. If sales are strong enough, NipponIchi will create an entirely new series starring the terrible trio.

Since Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Laharl has been reduced to cameo appearances and given secret character status in new games, if he even shows up at all. He’s still very popular among fans, and his return has been in demand for quite some time.

Fans of the numerical series have no reason to worry. Series producer Shogo Kozakai also confirmed with Dengeki PlayStation that Disgaea 5 is in pre-production and should continue the series’ proud tradition of creating ludicrous characters and deep RPG customization elements.

Disgaea D2 will be released on March 20th, 2013 for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. Given the relative success of the series in America, there should be no need to import this one. It’s comin’.

[via Gematsu]