In Nioh, players will control a man by the name of William Adams. “What the heck kind of samurai name is that?” you ask, but I’ve only just learned that he is actually real historical figure and one of the few Europeans to ever become a genuine samurai. Cool story, check it out.

This game sees him battling against the destructive “yokai” tearing Japan apart. And no, he’s not going to befriend them by digging through the garbage giving them presents, or gazing at trees. He’s going to have to cut them apart with his sharp samurai sword, and he’s not going to be alone. The latest batch of screenshots from Koei Tecmo show off three new allies that will be joining him on the way.

One ally is Hattori Hanzo, another historical figure who was a ninja under the employment of Tokugawa Ieyasu, one of Japan’s biggest unifying figures. He will aid in giving directions to Adams, guiding him across the country.

Muneshige and Ginchiyo Tachibana, another pair of historical figures, will also aid more directly in battle, lending a much-needed extra sword to Adams when the action gets a little too tough.

The two revealed stages include Itsukushima, a beautiful island off the coast of Hiroshima and one of Japan’s most revered cultural locations, and Iwami, a place of great significance with the history of yokai and the Japanese supernatural.

Now, all we need are giant enemy crabs, and this can be a recreation of an actual moment in Japanese history!

Nioh is shaping up to be a real dark horse this year, and now that it is adapting actual history, it’s become even more interesting. A new demo launches on PlayStation 4 on Aug. 23, and the full game should be out before the end of the year.